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A Little Lovin’ Card Game


A Year of Kama Sutra Card Game


Bedroom Baseball Board Game


Bedroom Commands Card Game


Bedroom Spinner Game Book


Bedroom Truth or Dare Card Game


Behind Closed Doors Board Game For Lovers


Blush Temptasia Fox Drip Candle – Red


Bring Sexy Back Game


COOCHY Fragrance Mist – 4 oz Floral Haze


COOCHY Intimate Feminine Spray – 4 oz Peony Prowess


Cosmo’s Little Big Book of Sex Games


Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games New Edition


Cosmo’s Strip Tease Poker Card Game


Date Nights Personal Questions


Dirty Deeds Game


DTF Card Game


Earthly Body 3 in 1 Massage Candle – 6 oz Isle of You


Earthly Body Hemp Seed Tasty Travel Collection – Strawberry


Earthly Body Massage Candle Trio Gift Bag – 2 oz Skinny Dip, Dreamsicle, & Guavalva


Earthly Body Massage Trio – 2 oz Isle, Skinny & Naked


Earthly Body Suntouched Hemp Candle – 6 oz Round Tin Cucumber/Melon


Earthly Body Suntouched Hemp Candle – 6 oz Round Tin Dreamsicle


Earthly Body Suntouched Hemp Candle – 6 oz Round Tin Guavalava


Cheeky Sex Games for Sale at KinkyTouch

KinkyTouch brings you a naughty collection of adult erotic games to kick off your intimate festivities! Mix it up with the variety of Fifty Nights of Naughtiness, a game with 5 distinct levels of sexual intensity including kink, of course. Or get the full deal with the Kama Sutra Weekender Kit, packed with travel-sized massage oils, lubes, and playing cards. There’s even a naughty tickler!

At KinkyTouch, we know that mood is crucial to a bombastic session of sex play, so we stock a sensual collection of fragrances and candles too. An ambience heavy with sexual promise is assured with the sexy adult games from our fine kinkporium.

We’ve Got Game

With the tremendous selection of sex games at KinkyTouch, the mood’s as good as set. Human beings are wired for play and when you add sex, we get downright jolly. Because we love your adorable kinks, we offer you all this kinky glory discreetly, respecting your privacy.

Independently owned and operated, we at KinkyTouch are a proud purveyor of sensual helpers that make sex more fun. And shouldn’t the most fun activity ever be the sauciest it can be? We sure think so.

Shop our collections to get in touch with your kinky side. And if you’ve already done that, welcome back, kinkster!