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Blush Luxe Nimbus Mini Stimulator – Aqua


Blush Play With Me Cutey Wand – Pink


Blush Play With Me Cutey Wand – Purple


Blush Play With Me Cutey Wand – White


Dorcel Dual Orgasm Wand – Magenta


Dorcel Megawand Rechargeable Wand – Gold


Dorcel Wanderful – Black/Gold


Dorcel Wanderful – Pink


Dorcel Wanderful Kit – Black/Gold


Eden Wand – Teal


Evolved Dazzle Rechargeable Wand – Blue


Evolved Mighty Metallic Wand – Gray/Black


Evolved My Secret Wand – Purple


Evolved On The Dot Wand – Blue


Femme Funn Diamond Wand – Purple


Femme Funn Diamond Wand – Turquoise


Femme Funn Ffix Mini Wand – Pink


Femme Funn Ultra Wand – Purple


Femme Funn Ultra Wand – Turquoise


GigaLuv Chirapsia Rechargeable Wand – Black


GigaLuv Orbital Wand 9x – 9 Functions Black


GigaLuv Orbital Wand 9x – 9 Functions Pink


Hype Flexi-Wand – Black/White


Jopen Starstruck Romance – Purple


Personalized Pleasure

Everyone has personal preferences. The right amount of pressure. The stroke. The vibe. The position. For that reason, KinkyTouch gives you exactly what you need. From the sleek, g-spot-stimulating le Wand Contour, to the convenient versatility of the Dorcel Wanderful Kit, you’ll find personalized pleasure here.

When abandonment and ecstasy are what you’re after, the right massage wand vibrator delivers. And here at KinkyTouch, we believe that ecstasy is for everyone, so we offer a wide variety of price points, making our body wands accessible to every budget.

Let Us Rub You the Right Way

KinkyTouch stands by the proposition that everyone’s kinky in their own way. And that’s just another human thing. We bring you a tremendous resource to appease the sensual beast in you, touching that human button that brings joyous release.

KinkyTouch serves your desires with an enviable selection of personal wand massagers to rub you the right way. We embrace and celebrate pleasure, supporting your every lovable kink.

At KinkyTouch, we are an independently-owned and operated business, bringing you a trustworthy online resource. With discreet shipping, your privacy is respected. Browse our selection of body wands and visit our delightfully kinky collections. Get in touch with your kinky side!