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Aqua Lube Natural 4 oz Bottle


Body Action Ultra Glide Water Based – 4.8 oz Bottle


Body Action Xtreme Silicone – 4.8 oz Bottle


Boy Butter – 16 oz Tub


Boy Butter – 8 oz Tub


Boy Butter Churn Style – 9 oz Squeeze Bottle


Boy Butter Gold – 16 oz Tub


Boy Butter H2O Based – 16 oz Tub


Boy Butter H2O Squeeze – 9 oz


COLT Slick Personal Lube – 12.85 oz


Divine 9 Lubricant – 4 oz Bottle


Dr. Sadie’s Signature Slippery Kitty – 8 oz. Au Natural


Earthly Body Waterslide Personal Lubricant w/Carrageenan – 1 oz Bottles Basket of 30


Earthly Body Waterslide Personal Lubricant w/Carrageenan – 4 oz Bottle


Earthly Body Waterslide Personal Lubricant w/Carrageenan – 8 oz Bottle


Elbow Grease H2O Personal Lubricant – 2 oz Bottle


Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel – 8.5 oz


Elbow Grease Original Cream – 15 oz Jar


Elbow Grease Original Cream – 4 oz Jar


Encounter Female Arousal Lubricant – Amazing


Encounter Female Silicone Lubricant – Lasting


Erosense Sync Water-Hybrid Lubricant


EXSENS of Paris Flavored Water Based Lubricant – Raspberry


EXSENS of Paris Personal Water Based Lubricant w/Aloe Vera Extract


What Makes Our Sex Lubricants Different?

You can find sex toy lubricants, anal lube, lube accessories, and more to help you receive the type of pleasure you prefer. Every one of our lubes is safe to use, and to consume, so you can focus on what really matters in the moment.

With over 400 different options to choose from, you can easily find a lube that not only fits your sexual preferences but also fits your price range. Perfect as a gift or for yourself, our sex lubricants can help get the fun started, but they can also keep it going for longer without all the painful friction.

Why Choose KinkyTouch?

At KinkyTouch, we want to make it easy and comfortable for you to shop online for your adult toys. Shopping for your pleasure shouldn’t be uncomfortable, so we are here to help guide you to the exact adult toy for you.

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